How the Right Fleet Program Curbs Truck Tire Costs

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Fleet costs are going through the roof. Fuel prices are setting record highs and strained supply chains create unique challenges. Fleets that don’t manage their biggest spends, like tires, will feel the brunt of today’s market increases. That’s why it’s important to have a holistic tire program that offers a bird’s eye view of overall spends, sets tire management strategy and can dive into the details to discover tire trends that help you save money.

Tires in the Top Three

Tires are in the top three fleet operating expenses. When a fleet coordinates a fleet program with a trusted supplier, they can capture the most value from their tire investment. Having a view of a fleet’s tire purchases gives fleet management the ability to identify potential opportunities such as misapplication and rogue purchases like off-program and excessive purchases. Order visibility helps fleet managers ensure best practices compliance.

Working with a partner like Double Coin starts with the initial tire purchase and continues through the tire’s lifecycle to maximize performance. For example, Double Coin can assist in selecting the correct tire for the application and once the tire reaches the end of its operational life, scrap inspection programs and Double Coin’s National Smart Money Fleet Program can verify that you are getting the most value from your tire purchases.

An organized, formal scrap out is one of the best ways to manage tire assets. This means the fleet physically inspects each tire before it is junked.

Double Coin’s National Smart Money Fleet Program makes tire purchases and management easy with competitive and standardized pricing; convenient nationwide access to Double Coin tires; consolidated billing; cashless transactions; OEM specification credit, online access to your Fleet Program account; warranty packages and excellent service assistance.

Casing Management

One of the greatest tire challenges that fleets struggle with is casing management. Even with a written casing management program, many fleets struggle to conform to best practices. Air pressure maintenance is also a challenge for many fleets, and poor air pressure maintenance has a negative impact on fuel economy, tire wear and casing life.

Many manufacturers offer a casing warranty in addition to workmanship and material on new tires, but Double Coin also offers a seven-year, three-retread warranty. To help combat poor truck tire air inflation practices, Double Coin’s app offers tire inflation information to ensure trucks and trailers continue to roll productively and efficiently. The free Double Coin mobile application also uses GPS, enabling the ability to search for Double Coin dealer locations within your geographic location, specified radius search or map route. You can also call, share, email, or get directions to a dealership at the click of a button.

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