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Double Coin is a high-premium TBR and OTR brand that has become many business’s first replacement tire. Offering a comprehensive number of SKUs, Double Coin has four strategically located warehouses across the U.S. and boasts both an industry-leading fill rate, and a brand that delivers one of the…

Since 1934, Warrior has manufactured PLT and TBR tires, and today, has grown into a worldwide brand. Warrior tire products offer great value and performance for your customers. Today, Warrior offers an extensive lineup of PLT, SUV, and TBR tires that are engineered to conquer the road.

With its state-of-the-art production system, it has a wide product range that meets all needs with its investments in Garden-Field, Pick-Up-Van, Trailer, Tractor Front-Rear, Construction Machine, Combine Harvester, Forklift, Panzer and Radial Tractor Tire groups. Özka tires are strong, reliable, robust tires that comply with…

Produced in one of the world’s most advanced manufacturing facilities, Duraturn PLT, SUV, CUV and TBR are made from the highest quality materials to very exacting standards. This excellent brand is committed to building tires that are extraordinary at any price. Duraturn tires for passenger cars, light trucks…

Dynatrail provides your customers with an affordable tire that delivers dependable performance and value.

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Double Coin tires deliver excellent value to my customers.

Greg Burt knows tires. And he should, as he’s been selling them for over 10 years. So while Greg is well aware of the choices customers have in imported tires, he believes in Double Coin. “They are not only high quality and trouble free, they are overall a better product.” And his praises don’t stop there. Greg goes on, “I would highly recommend Double Coin tires.”

His customers evidently agree. “We got a lot of repeat business from people who like the performance of the tires. For price and performance, Double Coin tires are simply hard to beat.” And this is just one of the stories that confirms that the smart money is on Double Coin.

My money’s on Double Coin.

Greg Burt

General Manager, Tire Wholesalers Company, Inc

These tires PERFORMED in every situation!

I began using Double Coin RLB490 tires on my Medium Duty C4500. They delivered a smooth ride with ample amount of grip to keep my 2wd from getting stuck in most off highway situations I could get this truck into. They have a 1/2 open shoulder which gives the knobby look us pickup guys want while maintaining a strong stance with very minimal sway in hard turns. Most other open shoulder tires we’ve used end up chopping the shoulder causing excessive wear and costly rotations.

Due to the nature of our business we put these tires through multiple seasons of heavy snow, extreme heat in the south, countless boat ramps all over the country, and these tires PERFORMED in every situation!

In our business, as in most businesses the bottom line is always a concern, and when you find a set of tires that can perform as these have, you know you got the most for your money!

Chris Hanna

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