Mission Statement

To provide our customers with cost competitive, high quality tires, which allows them the opportunities to maximize their profitability. We manage a global supply chain that provides a seamless link from our manufacturing base to the customer. As a company and as individuals, we show a high understanding of the customers needs and react to meet those needs with integrity, honesty, accountability and compassion.

China Manufacturers Alliance (CMA) unites major tire manufacturers in China under a unique and powerful cooperative alliance. This alliance forms a high-energy cooperative force in the American and European tire marketplaces. By joining forces and energies, CMA assembles all of the best strengths and synergies of each and all of its manufacturers in advanced design & development, world-class ISO manufacturing, distribution, sales and product support. Each factory also has specific goals and product groups to vastly enhance the selection of tires in a variety of marketplaces and applications.CMA product lines include Radial & Bias Light Truck, Medium Truck and Industrial, OTR/Grader and Skidsteer tires under the brand names of DoubleCoin, Warrior, Dynatrail+, Dynastar, and Bluestar.

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